A Message to my Friends in their Forties

I turned 65 a few weeks ago and am enjoying it.  Though I’ll probably never play ice hockey again I have some great memories: Playing Defense, skating backward at 30mph, matching the wingman coming at me with the puck, matching his every move, intent on driving him away from the net and into the boards. Building the airplane. Converting a carport into a garage, doing a better job than the licensed contractor across the street. Raising my son into the fine man he has become.

Having said that, all that packing and moving last year was a very pointed reminder that I am no longer 19 years old.

Last night I was talking with a new acquaintance who told me she had just turned 41.  My advice: Make Memories Now.  Make sure you dedicate some of the next 15-20 years doing things that you’ll be able to fondly look back on in later life.


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