I made it

I turn 65 in a few days, which means that yesterday my Medicare coverage officially began.  And I could not be happier. I worked with an insurance agency in Prescott, AZ and now have coverage that is better than I have had in decades at a price I have not paid in ten years.

When I executed the plan to sell my big house in Phoenix and move out there in the country, I was forced to take a risk: I could no longer afford the $1600/month health insurance premiums.  I switched to short term catastrophic health insurance.  It was cheap but the coverage was lousy.

I just had to make it work for a year until I could get on Medicare, and now I’m there.

And in 16 months Sweet Lady Wife will turn 65 and she’ll be on Medicare (I have her on Medi-Share now).  At that point I’ll be paying about $500/month for excellent health insurance for the two of us.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

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