Dave Barnhart Has a Little Fun

“Hello I’m from Microsoft and your computer is sending us messages that it is full of viruses”

Have you received one of those calls?  I get them all the time. I have fun with them, particularly since I’m on a Mac.

Today I managed to keep the guy on the phone for 25 minutes before he gave up in despair.  I play really dumb, as in:

Him: “Click on the Start button”
Me: “The What?”
Him: “The “Windows Start button”
Me: “I don’t see a button named Start”
Him: It’s that button in the taskbar with four little flags.
Me: What’s a Taskbar?”

Then about every 5 minutes I say “Hold on a minute I have to let the cat out.” then I wait 2-3 minutes before getting back on the phone.  About 2 minutes later I say “Hang on I have to let the cat back in.”  The guy today got a little impatient with these constant interruptions so I launched into a story about how I rescued my cat from the Humane Society and he was there in that cold little cage and he was scared and confused, etc etc.)

I figure if I can drive enough of them to suicide it will be worth the time spent.

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